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Collection: The Ultimate Steak Kit

Dry-ageing is a process that involves a lot of time and skill. We use special equipment to carefully monitor temperature, moisture and humidity levels to ensure a quality age.

Why do this? Because we believe that delicious food takes time to make.

Using only premium meats like USDA Prime and Wagyu beef.

"The Dry-Age Trifecta"

Why take the time to do such a complicated process? So we can enhance the taste and flavor of the meat. During the aging process, the meat breaks down making it even more tender.

The Ultimate Steak kit includes

- One 30 day aged USDA prime ribeye steak (~300++grams)

- One 60 day aged USDA prime ribeye steak (~200++ grams)

- Premium Maldon salt 

- Caramelized Onions

- Garlic Confit

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