Munch Manila --- LITE package
Low Carb Meal Plans

Munch Lite

Munch Lite

Are you tired of the food at the office? Don't have time for a decent breakfast? You often have dinner out? Does this sound like you? If yes, then this is recommended for you! Say goodbye to fast food and hello to a healthier you!  (We will deliver meals 2 and 3 from our weekly menu)


--- Our Budget-Friendly Package ---  360php/day

This includes 2 low carb meals and 1 fruit snack.

- Chef and nutritionist approved recipes.

- This is a ~800-850kcal/day plan

- All Natural

- No MSG or artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

- Low carb, low sodium and sugar.

- Nutrient dense meals made deliciously healthy for YOU!

Get 800php off when you sign-up for a month!

Set the "Quantity" to 4 and use the promo code: 'munchlite' at the check out.