Franco Mabanta - Brand Ambassador

1) Give an intro of yourself. 
Hi, I'm Franco Mabanta. 34 years old.
I'm a young CEO and business owner, a TV and live event host for 15 years or so, and a writer essentially my whole life. I also do political and social commentary and just wrapped up an eight-episode season of my own talk show for Netflix.
2) Share your fitness journey with us! (years, exercise and nutrition regimen, reasons for maintaining an active lifestyle)
I've been fitness conscious basically my entire adult life, which is ironic because I've also hated working out most of my adult life. Over the last few years, I've seen the hate transition to mild dislike and then eventually to understanding that I had to teach myself to enjoy it, which I think is where I'm at right now.
What's funny is noticing how my motivation has changed in that when I was younger, it was 100% about vanity; and now that I'm in my 30's, it's mostly about health and taking care of myself and only partially about aesthetic.
I think, ultimately, what it actually boils down to is the specific standard you hold yourself to. Know what I mean? It's about hitting and then keeping the physical and mental standard that makes you happy. How fit do you have to be to be content? It obviously varies for every person (many times quite drastically) but I think it's powerfully quintessential to be self-aware of your standard so that you can set the corresponding goals for yourself.
3) Your top 10 health tips/hacks for others that want to embark on their own fitness journeys.
1. Because the entire thing is exactly that -- a journey -- the process inescapably requires habit formation. And habit formation inescapably requires mental fortitude.
So when you start out, you really need to look at yourself in the mirror free of bullshit and make the decision that you will stick to the process no matter what. The whole thing is 90% mental -- and most of that 90% revolves around freeing yourself from the bad habits you've created over the years and making new ones. It's not easy...but being fat sucks.
A friend of mine once told me that a sexy self feels better than any food tastes. She was right.
2. I think that nothing drives people to get into shape like insecurity. Not vanity, not heartbreak, not clinical narcissism, not diabetes. Nothing. And that you can have a lot of fun with this concept once you've fully understood it.
3. Something I always tell myself: when I'm not in control of my emotions, it doesn't mean I'm mentally weak. When I'm not in control of my fitness, it always means I am.
4. Here's the most basic hack for lazy people: cut out all sugar and alcohol from your diet and watch yourself magically shrink in six weeks or less.
5. I was on keto for a year and it worked really well for me in that I gained a lot of muscle mass while simultaneously shredding pounds of fat. Problem with keto is that it becomes difficult when you're busy and painfully difficult when you're always traveling. (Hard to find a good slice of steak and pieces of avocado when you're constantly in an airport.)
6. If you're a super busy person, the most efficient diet I've found is Intermittent Fasting. People who say they can't do Intermittent Fasting because they get dizzy without breakfast in the morning are pussies.
7. The excuses and laziness will ALWAYS come. They never ever go away. You gotta rise above them every single time. You gotta want it. (I've noticed most people want it, but very few want it badly enough.)
8. Super important: Research. Learn. Set goals.
9. Pay for your fitness if you can. You absolutely 100,000% do not need money to get into shape, but if you have money, SPEND ON YOUR FITNESS GOALS. Invest in your health.
If you can afford the best nutrition, daily supplements, trainers, doctors, gyms, and treatments, you'll be hard-pressed to find many better ways to spend your cash.
10. Warren Buffett once sat in front of a class of high school students and made a point. He said that if he offered each student any car they like (absolutely any car in the world) under the condition that the car each student picked was the last car they'd own and drive for the rest of their lives, regardless of which car each chose, all of them would do absolutely everything needed to take care of their cars to the best of their capabilities.
Well, that's the situation we have with our bodies.
Take care of your body. You only have one.
11. Can I give an 11th?
Eat Munch Manila.
It's fucking awesome!
Munch Manila Ambassador