From Fat to Fit - My Fitness journey

Hello all!  My name is Mark Dee, owner and certified nutrition coach of Fit Cuisine and this is my story. I was born with Ventricular Septal Defect or VSD, a congenital heart disease – for those of you (like myself) who haven’t studied Medicine, it means I have a small hole in my heart which could potentially develop into something serious if not handled carefully. So early on, I was told to take care of myself and ‘live a healthy life’

I started my journey to health when I was 13. This meant going to the gym, eating a diet consisting of bland, flavorless chicken breasts, hard-boiled eggs, dry canned tuna, whole wheat bread and brown rice. And it appeared to work for a time; during my freshman year in U.P., I was at my lightest weight of 170 lbs (no mean feat considering I am 6’0 tall). However, life happened and college life proved too much for my diet. While I was able to maintain a semblance of my workout routine, I gained 50 lbs - from consuming a lot of processed food and alcohol.


This was me back in 2010.

During my early 20s, I was standing at 220lbs and, for the first time in my life, I was battling with obesity. The cardiologist had already prescribed Statins (medicine that stops plaque from forming in blood vessels) to try to control my cholesterol. I couldn’t believe it - I was going to be take the same medication as my parents! In retrospect, I suppose it was unavoidable - my routine back then was to sit all day in front of the computer, eat 4 big meals a day, have midnight snacks, sleep late and wake up late in the afternoon the next day.

I tried my best to ‘diet’ and eat the same boring food like I did before but I quite literally could not stomach it anymore. It’s not easy to admit it but I nearly lost hope and “accepted” the fact that I would be obese for the rest of my life with all the negative health implications. Luckily, I snapped out of it: “There has to be a better way…” I said to myself. This led me to do a lot of research on eating healthy which resulted in cutting my sugar and carb consumption. It was very difficult and it did not happen overnight but after a couple of months - I started experiencing weight loss.


I began to feel good about myself again and was regaining my confidence. My newfound passion for healthy eating grew more and more as I learned about the science of nutrition. This eventually led me to a realization: I wanted to start a healthy meal delivery service because I wanted to make it my mission to make healthy and delicious food to help people with the same problem I had. Sounds simple, right? But there was one thing… I did not know how to cook!


Here's the kitchen where I started everything!

I’m no chef but I wasn’t about to let this stop me from achieving my goal so I started learning how to cook by – don’t laugh - watching YouTube videos. There is some serious knowledge there! I eventually learned well enough to begin executing on my plan and the first set of meals, were actually prepped, cooked and delivered by myself. Which brings us to today: almost 5 years later and here I am sharing my journey with all of you. It seems like a long way to have come for that guy who just sat in front of the computer, binge-eating but I am just getting started...

My passion for health and fitness led me to get my Nutrition Coach certification from Precision Nutrition - they have coached hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and I am excited to share with all of you what I have learned to help you achieve your fitness goals.



Before I end, I would like to thank all our followers and clients who have subscribed to our meal plans. I hope that by sharing my story I’ve been able to shed some light on why we do what we do and why it is so important to me on a personal level as well. I’d also like to let you know that we are currently working on something special - It’s a personalized coaching program that will help us impact and transform more lives.


 So if you want to take this opportunity to change your lifestyle for the better and start living the life you deserve --- share with us your story and let's connect!

If you have any fitness and nutrition-related questions, comments or just want to say hi - I would like to hear from you! Please feel free to send me an email at





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